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Support Staff


Office Staff Miss. Tracy Roberts Senior Admin Officer
  Mrs. Samantha Pritchard Office Manager
  Mrs. Nicola Whitfield Administrator
  Mrs Elizabeth Conchie Administrator
Site Staff Mrs. Cathy Murphy Caretaker
  Mrs Lynn Harrison Cleaner
  Mr. David Hedges Cleaner
  Mrs. Rose McAllister Cleaner
Support Staff Mrs. Susan Hughes MDSA
  Mrs. Joanne Ward Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs. Judith Davies 

MDSA & Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs. Louise Everett   MDSA
  Mrs. Anwen Fanning   MDSA
  Mrs. Sharron Fennell Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs. Donna Harper Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs Melanie McKellar Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs. Rebecca Rhodes MDSA
  Mrs Janine Mercer MDSA & Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs Rebecca Williams MDSA & Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs Ann-Marie Craven Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs Emma Whiteley MDSA & Breakfast Club Assistant
  Mrs Sarah Lander MDSA
  Miss Patricia Jones MDSA



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