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Cyngor Eco 2022-23


Croeso i tadalen y Cyngor Eco 2022-23. Welcome to the Eco Council page 2022-23.


Here you will find information about what our Eco Councillors have been up to, and about any key events to add to your calendar. 


We meet in Mrs Hughes' class, 3GH, every Tuesday. 





Meet Your Eco Councillors

Check out our Action Plan for 2022-23

Our Litter Pick Rota 2022-23 


We are dedicated to making sure that no litter ends up in our water ways, harming wildlife. To help, we have set up a litter picking rota so all of the Eco Councillors get a chance to make sure our school grounds are kept neat and tidy.


Week 1:

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Week 4:


Year 3

Year 3

Year 3

Year 3


Year 4

Year 4

Year 4

Year 4


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Year 6

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Year 6


Year 3

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Year 6

Recycled Bird Feeders

To try and encourage birds into the school grounds, and to help support them through the colder months, the Eco Councillors decided to make some bird feeders using recycled plastic bottles.

Cyngor Eco 2020-21

Dear parents
                                                        WWF fundraiser
Pupils Ellis and Alfie from class 6GE are hosting a fundraiser for the WWF. The competition is 'Guess the name of the Teddy'. The Teddy is of a lion and if you do guess the name your child will get to pick between the Teddy or the chocolates. The chocolates include (mars bars, Maltesers and Rolos) it is £1 per entry and all profits go to the WWF and you can bring at a maximum £20.


Thank you

Thank you to Jessica from 4HJ and her sister Emily from 1SM for these lovely pictures.

Wildlife Wednesday: How to make a bottle basking shark!

Join Yussef (The Zoology Guy) and learn how to make your very own basking shark from recycled materials! Download the activity sheet here -

Look at him go!

Still image for this video
Ceri and Charlie Gibson have been doing some mini beast hunting.

Look at this fantastic bug hotel made by Ceri and her dad!

A lovely picture from Aron Richards, thank you.

Thank you Grace from 4HJ for this Wild Watch work!

Wildlife Wednesday: All about pollination!

Insects may be small, but they are important in a BIG way! Join Sam from London Wildlife Trust at the Centre for Wildlife Gardening to learn all about pollin...

Wildlife Watch

Still image for this video
Miss McKibbin has been enjoying listening to the sound of birds singing in her garden.

Some lovely snaps from Mrs Thomas!

Thank you to Micah Jenkins 1VM for this lovely bee.

Oliver Murray and his animals. Thank you Oliver!

A woodpecker spotted by Jess from 4HJ

Wildlife Watch


Are you spending more time in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one? Or taking full advantage of your daily walks? 


Why not take this time to take a bit more notice of the natural world by taking part in our Wildlife Watch?


All you need to do is take a few moments to have a look around you at the creepy crawlies and other creatures that share our world. Then, use the identification sheets from the Wildlife Trust to help you find out what you have seen. 


You could then take a photo or a video, or why not get really creative and draw a picture or make a model of what you have seen and I will share your work on this page. That way we can get connected and see what each other has been getting up to.  


You never know what you might find!


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Croeso i Cyngor Eco Ysgol Pen y Bryn 2019-20

This year each class held open elections to decide who would be part of our new Eco Council. Competition was fierce with each pupil producing an exceptional presentation in a bid a to convince classmates that they were the right person for the job. Some even drafted in help from family members to help make their campaign extra special.



This year, your Eco Councillors are:

Fraser Williams 3CJ
Charle Burke 3CJ
Bea Boughton 3BF
Logne Mcglory 3BF
Maizy Goodwin 4HJ
Anna Burbridge 4HJ
Ben Jones 4NW
Mia Strydon 4NW
Ellis Davies 5DD
Naomi Degiorgio 5DD
Daniel Warrell 5HB
Ava Mann 5HB
Harley Simmons 6GE
Seren Lloyd 6GE
Lucy Burbridge 6GG
Luke Clearly 6GG

During an initial planning meeting, pupils put forward suggestions about what issues matter most to them. We also used the Four Purposes to guide our choices about what we could focus on this year.


Our 2019-20 Goals

  • To encourage all pupils to have a healthy tuck
  • To reduce litter on the yard and waste in classrooms
  • To begin to grow food items in our garden areas
  • To design a new Eco Display using recycled materials


Over the course of the year we will be bringing you updates about how we are getting on with meeting our goals.




Goal 1 - Healthy Tuck


First on the agenda in the new year will be tackling healthy tuck so get your thinking caps on to help us come up with ideas for how we can encourage everyone at Pen Y Bryn to be healthy, confident individuals.

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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