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Eco Council - 2013 / 2014

School Council and Eco Council


Each year elections are run for our two Councils. Two children are elected per class for each Council. If your child would like to become a Councillor they need to write a short speech giving reasons why they should be chosen by Friday 24th September. The children who want to be elected will read out their speech next Friday and then a secret ballot will take place. Ideas for the speeches have already been discussed in class.

Our Action Plan for this year

Who’s Responsible
How will we measure progress?
To recycle litter from the playground by having recycling bins on the yard
Fundraising to raise money to buy new bins.
The Eco Councillors
Around £100-£150 each
By Easter
Litter pick before and after – weigh rubbish to see if less after bins
Reduce the amount of dog poo around the school.
Posters around the school
The Eco Councillors
By the end of Christmas Holidays
Tally dog poo before and after posters
Reduce cat poo in school grounds
Spray natural cat repellent around perimeter of school
The Eco Councillors
Mr Mac
Up to £100
By end of the school year
Tally cat poo before and after spray
Tidy around recycling bins in car park
Go out every couple of weeks and tidy
The eco councillors
The recyclers
By end of school year
Take pictures before and after

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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