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This term we will be studying CHAMPIONS.  In your mind, what is a champion?  Who comes to mind when you hear the word Champion?
Want to do well in Summer tests?  Take a look at the past papers below to help you get familiar with the test questions!


General information:
Outdoor P.E day is: Wednesday
Indoor P.E day is: THIS half term on a Thursday
Pop-in: Wednesday till 4pm
Homework club: Thursday till 4:15pm
Friday: Swimming
Parents have been asking about...



...the peppers             

This is what they mean:
green/ mild/ mwyn:  the work is less challenging
spicy/ yellow/ sbeislyd: the work is challenging
red/ hot/ poeth: the work is more challenging
Your child chooses the work according to the pepper. They may be feeling particularly confident and want to challenge themselves so take a hot pepper.  Your child may feel that the spicy is challenging enough for them or they may feel that they need a little help or practice and choose the mild pepper.  They have the options in each lesson where appropriate and they decide, although the teacher may guide children if they are continually under or over challenging themselves.  The child can change their mind half way through a task and choose one which is more appropriate for them on that day. The peppers have been a great success and the children are generally pushing themselves to achieve higher.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please write a note in your child's diary OR 'pop-in' on Wednesday OR make an appointment to see me via the office.
Many thanks
Mrs. Rhian Roxburgh

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