School closes 15th July.

Year 5TS

Welcome to 5TS


A new topic again.....

Welcome to SUMMER CAMP.

We have begun our topic with some really exciting practical work out on the field. We are now all capable of putting up a tent, well we think so, and knowing just what is needed on a camping trip.

We haven't done much this week as we have been busy completing our tests but next week we will be busy once again.

Things to look out for are the swimming gala on May 23rd and the Cardiff trip in early June.




Please could I ask you to encourage your child to read at night and then sign their planner to say that they have done so?  They should be reading at least three times a week.  Some children tell me they have read but I have no evidence of this!  Your help would be appreciated. I check their planner every Monday morning so over half term they have a chance to read every day!!!!
Many thanks


Past topics ....



This project has a history focus and will teach you about heroes and villains from different periods of history, their motives, their beliefs and the ways in which they changed the world. During this project you will be writing persuasively in the form of reports and letters, and additional skills in writing biographies and speeches.

Already we have had a visit fromo our local heroes, the Coastguard! They came in to tell us about the fabulous work they do.

PC Vicki stopped by too, and told us all about her work. We were fascinated, and thought of some amazing questions to ask her!


Letter Wallets
To help your child with looking after letters and homework they are expected to take home we have given each of them a wallet to take home. Please check their bags for this wallet and any letters/ homework it may contain. Also please make sure it comes back every day!

Last term we have an exciting learning project - BEAST CREATORS!
This week we did an assembly to inform the other Year groups what our learning project is and what we have done so far


Take a look at our assembly powerpoint at the bottom of the page! 
Look what we have done so far...

We invited the specialist in from the Welsh Mountain Zoo and they brought some friends with them!

Mrs Sawyer even got to hold a TARANTULA!


This week we went to Chester Zoo to investigate minibeasts further.
Here we are in the education centre. We were able to handle the minibeasts and locate them on keys.
We then looked at the Giant Minibeast Exhibition
It was as if we had shrunk and gone into their World!
This project has a science focus which looks at the life cycles, habitats, body parts and functions of different minibeasts in the locality and beyond. At the heart of this project you will learn how to write narrative fantasy stories on the theme of minibeasts and develop additional skills in note making, scientific and technical language and recording and explanation skills.

Student of the week was...
Beth.... Why hasn't she been nominated before I ask myself?  Beth is a fabulous young lady to have in the class.  Her work is always of a high standard and she always strives to improve.  Well done you!
Suhas LUCY Kyle
Bring in your spelling homework book. (You need to have completed the page that was set during the last lesson...Remember we work through one page each week!)
Planner checking day
Bring P.E Kit
Spelling test and dictation
Your target times table test
Bring P.E Kit
EVERY EVENING - Read, practise times tables, practise
 spellings, etc
You are free to ask your parents to help you!

Sometimes you may be given other homework that relates to our class learning... Remember to note in your planner when it is due in


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