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Year 5HJ



Here you'll find loads of information about our class, photos, activities, games etc...
If you have any suggestions about what we can pop on here, please let me know! 



Come to class prepared with ...
A blue pen (not a biro), pencil, rubber, ruler, coloured pencils and sharpener ready for lessons. You also need to bring your reading book and planner.


Don't forget:
Monday - P.E Kit, News homework
Tuesday - Homework (Eng / Maths), spellings, times tables tests.
Wednesday - P.E Kit, modules
Thursday - Modules
Friday - Planner signed by an adult to say you have been reading regularly at home and that they have checked your planner. 

Lots of people ask about this.

Each week our pupils are expected to:

  • Find a piece of news from the media and bring into class on a Monday morning. They are asked to find the "5ws" in the report - who, what, why, where and when, and then write it up in their own words using paragraphs.
  • Complete the maths/english work that is set each week. This supports class learning, and is given on a "English one week, Maths the next week" basis. This needs to come back the following Tuesday ready for lessons. If a piece of work is lost, there are usually extras in the folder on the classroom wall, or sometimes on our class web page to print off at home.
  • Continue to practise multiplications and associated skills, and learn spellings, ready for tests each Tuesday.
  • Read at least 5 times each week out loud to an adult.  We're looking for more than just being able to read in year 5, pupils should be able to answer questions about the text, and say why they have come to that conclusion, using the text as evidence to support their answers.

We encourage our pupils to become more independent in their learning in year 5. Pupils are welcome to help themselves to "extras" from the "extra work" tray in class. There are also spelling and maths challenges available.

Of course, pupils are also welcome to practise their skills  and re-inforce their learning in class by using the games on our school website.

We're looking forward to ....   
Half Term!!!


Spelling tests. Our school policy is for our pupils in year 5 to be encouraged to find a few spellings from their own learning that have been marked as incorrect.
Year 5 pupils are given time to highlight these words in their exercise books, and copy the spelling down CORRECTLY in their planners.
The pupils carry out their own test each week with their learning partner who then marks the spellings.  
The tough part is for our pupils to make sure these spellings are spelt correctly in their everyday writing!  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Quote of the week:


"No one can think clearly when their fists are clenched."

Memorise the quote of the week, and the first person to say it to Miss James will be invited to put their name in the prize box! If you can tell me where it is from too, you can claim another prize!  

Red nose Day Song



A popular song from Senegal from our Music lesson.

Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate

Another song from our music lesson

George Formby

We're learning the Ukelele in music at the moment, and this is George Formby, a famous ukelele player.

This is the show clip we used in science

Hand puppet sillouette to the song "What A wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

The vegetable orchestra

Worldwide one of a kind, the Vegetable Orchestra performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables. The utilization of various ever refined vegetable instruments creates a musically and aesthetically unique sound universe. ----- december 4th, 2007: wow, were are really amazed about the flood of comments in the last hours.

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