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Year 5HJ

Croeso i 5HJ!!! 

This term our exciting learning project is...


We're very excited about.....
Junior Sports Day on Thursday 26th June

hat...suncream....water bottle...P.E kit....hat...suncream....water bottle...P.E kit....hat...suncream....water bottle...P.E kit....


Well done to Ellie, who won the compeitition for the Fostering Fortnight "Bake the Difference" campaign !!!

If you bring your homework back early, you earn a house point for each day. So the earlier you bring it back = the more house points you achieve!!!

Remember to read as much as you can too, plus there's always "My Maths" or "Easimaths" to have a go at...!
Bring in your spelling homework book. (You need to have completed the page that was set during the last lesson...Remember we work through one page each week!)
Planner checking day
Bring P.E Kit
Spelling test and dictation 
Bring P.E Kit
Your target times table test
EVERY EVENING - Read, practise times tables, practise spellings, etc. Remember, you need to read at LEAST 3-5 times per week, and ask an adult to sign to say they've heard you.

Sometimes you may be given other homework that relates to our class learning... Remember to note in your planner when it is due in.

Student of the Week is...
 For showing great team work and leadership 
WOW!!!  ....  Da Iawn!!!