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Year 5DD

Croeso i 5DD

On this page you'll find reminders, photos, games, homework, useful dates, etc...

A reminder that the Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala takes place on Friday 24th May at 10am. If you swim well Mr D will reward you with next week off school! Pob lwc pawb

Things to remember every day:  Planner, reading book, pencil case complete with blue handwriting pen (not biro), pencil, ruler, coloured pencils, sharpener and rubber, any homework that may need to be returned, etc.
Things to remember every week: Monday - PE kit, News homework
Wednesday - modules PE kit for indoors, weekly homework (Maths/English) to use in lessons, & tests.
Thursday - Modules

Pop ins - Mr Dentith is available until 4pm on a Thursday each week for parents to come along and discuss their child's progress. Please write in planners when you intend to come along.  

George Formby

Formby singing "When I'm cleaning windows" with his uke

The vegetable orchestra

For next week's lesson you need to make a musical instrument ready to review and evaluate. It doesn't need to be made out of fruit and veg though! Just decide whether it is to be tuned or non tuned, as we talked about in the lesson, and if there are any tricky bits you may need help with, remember to ask an adult! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next Tuesday! PS - If you'd like to pair up with someone, that's OK too...perhaps a friend in year 5 lives near you? See what you can come up with together.

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