Year 4TS

Welcome to Year 4TS! 

We are in our last term together,the Summer term!
We intend to make the most of it and have some fun!

Boo Hoo Sports day was cnacelled. Fingers crossed in a couple of weeks! Make sure you have your P.E. kit ready and your house colour t-shirt!
This week we  welcomed some children from China in our school

 Olympic Week - we had a great week!

We made Olympic maths games, designed our own mascot and motto, completed an Olympic reading challenge, explored what qualities an Olympic winner has, created a poem about our favourite Olympic sports person, shared some crrrrazy olympic facts and much more. 
See the link below for the Crrrazy Olympic facts at the bottom of the page (as requested by Fin!).
This one made us chuckle!

St. Louis Games
Fred Lorz had a gold medal
taken off him after they
discovered he had driven
his car for 11 miles of
the marathon

Photos will follow soon of our Olympic week
Our Jubilee celebrations!



 Can you spot who joined us in class?
We dressed up in red, white and blue, designed and made crowns and had a celebration snack!

Role play in the Tudor Court room!

We finished our New Zealand art project. We are so scary!


We have kicked off with two exciting trips this term.
Firstly, we visited the new waterfront development at Colwyn Bay and recieved VIP access to the site!


We have been learning about sea defences in geography and this helped to see it in action.
Secondly, we watched the Terrible Tudors at Venue Cymru! 




It all got a bit scary when we wore our 3D glasses!


Wow! 4TS another amazing week! YOU WERE ON FIRE!


Another hard decision !

Student of the TERM: Congratulations to Lauren, for extending her written work and for being quickly on task. Keep up your excellent attitude to learning!
The boat of the week is ...
They are sailing from the Fiji to Cairns (AUSTRALIA)!
Don't forget your postcard - What is Cairns like? What animals might I see?
I am very upset I have not had a postcard for ages! Who can earn 5 house points first!


Homework each week:
Monday - Read and understand a local, national or international news article. Make notes (what, when, who, where and why) so you are able to write about the article IN YOUR OWN WORDS on Monday morning.
Monday - Each Monday you will be tested on your target times table. Remember to learn this through the week.
Tuesday - Spelling homework due in. Each week you will be given a spelling sheet to complete and spellings to learn for the test each Tuesday.
Additional tasks will be noted in planners and will be posted on the class page.
Please remember to get your planner signed and your reading record for Monday!


This term we are reading the Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson


Bendigedig Dosbarth 4TS 
We got Dewi back in class this week!

Let's try to get Dewi again this term!
Tocyn Iaith

We continue to enjoy our MATHS MAKES SENSE with the CUPMAN!
Monday - Arthmetic 1
Tuesday - Geometry
Wednesday - Data and measure
Thursday - Arthmetic 2
Friday - Reasoning

Remember the Spring term. We had an EGGcellent!!
See our Easter egg hunt below.
Have great Easter holiday!
Wow! What a term! Maths week, Pentre, Sports Relief, a goodbye to the fabulous Mr Davies and much, much more!

Sports Relief and goodbye to Mr Davies 23rd March

Wearing our favourite sports outfits for Sports Relief with Mr Davies. We also considered why Sports relief is important and who it helps
Pentre 14th - 16th March 

A perfect day to mess around on the water! More photos below.
27th Feb - 2nd March Maths Week!

Conwy county council came to talk about the new promanade. We had lots of questions for them!
A visit from the Police!
  The police returned the unidentified object!
We were busy being reporters our first week back after half term!

This week we found an unidentified object on the grass by the top yard. 4TS thought the shiny metal object may be the Ironman's missing ear! It was decided to contact the police. We were sent incident reports to complete and on Thursday three police came to investigate the object. They secured the area and took fingerprints. They have now taken the object to their forensic team and they will report back on their findings.
In the meantime 4TS have decided to make a news report about this exciting event!!!!
See the photos below!!
Fire Service visit
Recently the fire service came to discuss safety in our homes.

The Mystery guest has been up to some tricks!

The mystery guest recently visited the Tardis  and left some objects for us to investigate. We had to work out what the objects were, what they were used for and who may of owned them in Tudor times (rich or poor). See the photos below to see what was left!
 We have then had to investigate inventories for the rich and poor and the diet of the rich and poor in Tudor times.

The link to the FOFBOC and Beditation sound file is as follows: 

Last term we were learning about the Ironman, by Ted Hughes and looking at script writing and comic writing using Dr. Who!
Mrs Hill had an exciting time at the beginning of the school year! She went to the teaching awards UK ceremony in London hosted by Lenny Henry. She returned on the same week to visit 10 Downing Street to meet David Cameron PM and be congratulated on her fantastic achievement, Teaching Assistant winner for Wales 2011!

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