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Year 4JL

Things to remember


Reading book
Plastic letter folder
Water bottle
PE kit




Monday: Bring a piece of interesting news, from any source, that has taken place during the last week. Write your question and answer.
Tuesday: Times tables challenge - practise during the week.
Wednesday: Change library book.
Thursday: Complete spelling in workbook by Tuesday. Spelling quiz - practise during the week.
Weekend: Please get your planner signed.

Please read three to five times (or more) in any week, for at least ten minutes and take the time to discuss the text with a parent. You must ask a parent to complete a reading comment every time you read and then, you will receive housepoints. These books are changed whenever required.

RM easimaths
Try to do three times per week.
Pop in

A big thank you to all pupils who recently joined Mr Dentith in Pentrellyncymer, we had a wonderful time - I have uploaded photos into the GALLERY section of the website. You will be able to purchase a disk of all the photographs after half term.

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