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Year 4DD

Croeso i wefan Dosbarth 4DD!


Welcome to the 4DD class page. We will strive to keep you informed on a regular basis of what's happening in class! If you have any ideas/suggestions please let us know! For the next few weeks we have been joined by Mr Sion Jones, a student teacher from Bangor University.

Our new topic is "Travel Agents" which has a geography and numeracy focus. We recently finished our topic "FLIGHT ENGINEERS"  where we looked at the many aspects of flight - in nature, the history of flight etc.

Our second topic was "CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION" and looked at the lives of children in 19th Century Britain. Pupils were been asked to find and photograph examples of real 19th Century history in our locality - houses, churches, buildings, post boxes, lamp posts etc. Thank you to those who did.

Our first topic was called "WILD WOOD" and looked at the woodland habitat. We visited our local woodland area - PWLLYCROCHAN WOODS, thank you to those parents who helped us.

We visited the woods many times and took part in different activities each time.

Each week we have a TIMES TABLES test on a THURSDAY - please help your child learn and recall. They choose their own level - 6 questions (Green); 9 questions (Yellow); 12 questions including some derivatives and division (Red); 15 questions inc derivatives and division (Double Red).
What are we learning?
04/06/15 Mixed and mental maths
21/05/15: Mixed
14/05/15: Mixed times tables
07/05/15: Mixed
30/04/15: x4 and x12
23/04/15: x5 and x9
16/04/15: x3 and x6
26/03/15: x2 and x11
19/03/15: x7 and x10
12/03/05: x5 and x9
05/03/15: x4 and x8
27/02/15: x3 and x6
05/02/15: x5 and x12
29/01/15: x12
22/01/15: x7 and x8
15/01/15: x8
08/01/15: x7
18/12: Mixed
11/12: x9 and x 11
04/12: x11
27/11: x9
20/11: x4 and x6
13/11: x6
06/11: x4
21/10: x3 and x10
14/10: x3
07/10: x10
30/09: x2 and x5
24/09: x5
11/09: x2

PE Days - Tuesday (indoors) and Friday (outdoors)
Students of the Week
Summer Term:

15/05: Jacob
08/05: Sophie
01/05: Jamie

Spring Term:

13/03: Emily B
06/03: James
27/02: Efa
13/02: Leo
06/02: Alex L
30/01: Alex F
23/01: Emily M
16/01: Poppy
09/01/15: James

Student of the Term: Harvey
28/11: Paddy
21/11: Jessica
14/11: Iwan
07/11: Tyler
24/10: Morgan
17/10: Ben
10/10: Jessica
03/10: Jacob
26/09: Anais
19/09: Carlos
12/09: Harvey
05/09: Elin

Paths Pupil of the Week - this is chosen weekly by lolly stick! The Paths Pupil receives Compliments from the class and gets to sit on a cushion all week!
Summer Term:
14/05: Leo
07/05: James
30/04: Megan
23/04: Efa
16/04: Omar

Spring Term:

26/03: Sophie
12/03: Alex J
05/03: Rowan
26/02: Jamie
12/02: Lloyd
05/02: Harvey
29/01: Emily M
22/01: Jazmine
15/01/15: Alex L.
08/01/15: Ben

04/12: Viet
27/11: Paddy
20/11: Lloyd
06/11: Finlay
22/10: Morgan
15/10: Elin
08/10: Jessica
01/10: Carlos
24/09: Iwan
17/09: Jacob

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