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Letter Wallets
To help your child with looking after letters and homework they are expected to take home we have given each of them a wallet to take home. Please check their bags for this wallet and any letters/ homework it may contain. Also please make sure it comes back every day! 

This terms project is called The Big Dip.In this project the children will learn:
• About the characteristics and features of a wetland, pond or rock pool including the issues and dilemmas which may affect
it - for example pollution, climate change and building;
• About the characteristics of a specific animal - including habitat, life cycle, nutrition, movement, growth and
• How to collect scientific information and record it appropriately;
• How to present information in a variety of ways - including imaginative writing and using ICT;
• Multimedia skills - including photography, ICT and film;
• How to write simple narrative stories.
Monday 28th April
Staff training day

Tuesday 29th April
School Re-opens

Craftwork-For after Easter
Water Creatures - Make a creature that you could find in a pond or rock pool. You can use any material eg clay, cardboard, lego....
The creature is to sit on a card no bigger than A5 please.
Writing Competition -Will be done in school

Monday 5th May
School closed

Wednesday 7th May
National Tests start

School Trip
Conwy RSPB Reserve
Tuesday 6th May

Activities include
Pond dipping, Nature walk, grassland investigation and minibeast hunt
Packed lunch required
Winter PE kit to be worn with waterproof coat
Children will return by the end of the day
Wednesday 7th May
National Tests start

Friday 23rd May
School closes for half term
Monday 2nd June
School re-opens

Monday 9th June
Class Photographs

Thursday 26th June
Junior Sports Day

Outdoor PE is on Fridays
Outdoor kit needed 
Tracksuit and trainers please
Plimsolls are not suitable for some activities

Every day
Please can your child have their planner in school every day. Feel free to use it as a means of talking to me or asking any questions.

Spellings will be tested once a fortnight on a Tuesday.
Please can your child bring in their Spelling Book with the correct page completed. There will be a Spelling Quiz on the words they have learnt. The children have a choice of either 3 , 6 or 10 words to learn.
There will also be a cross country club at lunch time.
Library day.
We will be changing our Library books today. If your child has finished their book they will be able to choose another this morning.
There is a beginners chess club running at lunch times.
After school there is rugby/football training for both boys and girls.

School/Eco Council will be meeting at lunchtime.

Timestables quiz!
P.E. Please can the girls have their hair tied back and no jewellery to be worn today. Thank you.
Reading Books
Your child can have their book changed any day of the week. They need to have their planner signed to say they have finished their book. Then they will give in the book and planner first thing in the morning for it to be changed.
Your child has four different types of homework
1. Reading
We expect your child to read each evening and their progress can be recorded in their planner.
2. Spelling
They also have a Spelling Book. One page is to be completed weekly and there will be a quiz each Tuesday. They will either have 3, 6 or 10 spellings to learn.
3. Timestables
The children are practising and learning their 2,5 and 10s. These will be added to over the next few months.
4. RM Easimaths
Details of this new online practise system have been given out on a seperate letter. Please ensure you have a copy of the letter as it has your child's personal login information.

There will be other pieces of homework throughout the year. These will be recorded in their planner.
There will be a pop in every Tuesday from 3.30 -3.45. Please sign in at the front office.

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