*Start time for ALL Breakfast Club attendees is 08.00am from the 1st of November** Non Uniform Day Friday 22nd October* *School closes for half term Friday 22nd October and opens Monday 1st November*

Year 1FM

Welcome to Year 1FM

Class Teacher- Miss McCloskey
Class teacher on Fridays- Mrs Chapman
Teaching Assistant- Mrs Taylor


Our class page

Please SELECT from the options below which section you would like to look at to find our more information. Each half term and topic has a section for you with more information, dates and helpful tips.
We are now in SUMMER TERM 2.
Thank you!
Our Year 1 Topics
  • Autumn Term 1- Family Album: family tree/chronological order/modern family/culteral diversity.
  • Autumn Term 2- Electric Rainbow: light, colour and electricity and light soures. Christmas.
  • Spring Term 1- Pop-up: art, craft and design, fairy tales, Cinderella.
  • Spring Term 2- Community Explorers: your community, geographical and human features, 3D relief map.
  • Summer Term 1- Carnival: carnival art, cultures around the world, seasonal carnival.
    Summer Term 2- Growing Things: Plants, contrasting weather and habitats.


Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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