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What are we wondering about...

What are we wondering about...

In Year 1 now the children are taking the lead in planning their own learning and activities in the Sand, Water and Construction Area. Each week we will discuss ideas of what the children have been wondering about that week... we will then take a vote on the children's ideas and that is what we will learn about the following week in those three areas.

Week 5/5/15-
Sand: We are wondering about beaches- pebbles, sea creatures, shells, boats and beach balls.
Construction: We are wondering about how we can make beach balls (spheres) using construction. The children also really liked the idea of using the marble run construction game aswell as they had balls in them aswell.

Week 11/5/15
Construction: we are wondering about Castles. The children have chosen to build castles and making people to live in the castles. Children have been given features of castles pictures to follow and guide them when making their models.
Water: We are wondering about Mermaids. Children are retelling their own imaginative mermaid stories in the water area.

Week 18/5/15
This week the children are wondering about 'builders, diggers and tractors with small lego' in the construction area. In the sand the children were wondering about Frozen! They are retelling the story of Frozen practising their story telling and sequencing skills with small world figures.
Photos to follow.....

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