School closes 15th July.

Week beginning 6/4/20

Week beginning 6/4/20  

Our topic this week is about spiders.

What do you know about them? 

Can you draw a picture of a spider in your yellow book?  Take a photograph and upload it to your Seesaw journal (click the plus button and then upload and save it by clicking the tick).


Reading -listen to the story of 'The very busy spider' by Eric Carle.


Once you have downloaded the Seesaw app, sign in and check out the Activities/Inbox.


First job on Seesaw -upload a photograph of your favourite toy.


Other Seesaw activities:


Sounds -new sound this week is b (practice in your sound book).

Please also practice reading the other sounds in your sound book.

This website will help parents with pronunciation etc.


Writing -mark making spider webs. 

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Maths -can you find the spiders that are the same?  How many legs/eyes etc.

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Maths -spot the difference, find five differences. 

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Topic - find a spiders web.  Make one outside using natural materials.


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