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Week 2

Year 6 School Closure Work Plan

Week: 2

Date:  Week beginning April 13th 2020

Numeracy Literacy Topic Ongoing
Abacus Homework sheets – 3 & 4
Write a report about a popular protest from the 1960s. See Google Classroom for instructions.
Design your own album cover in the style of the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper artwork. More details on Google Classroom.
Spelling lists - please private comment or email your score.

My Maths challenges


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  1. ReadingTask:

    Stori - O Blaned i Blaned (From Planet to Planet)


  Daily reading - you can still use your planner to record reading.

Activelearn - Interactive tasks



  • Robot Blaster

  • Bingo!


Mental Maths Books

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Daily 10 - there will be details of how we are going to continue with Daily 10 on the Slides document on Google Classroom.
    Revise Maths Procedural feedback from the Hwb site.

Week beginning 13.04.20 – soft c

Gwyrdd:- (6words)

Melyn:-(8 words)

Coch:- (10 words)  

  1. access
  2. excitedly
  3. medicine


1. access

2. excitedly

3. medicine

4. receive


1. access

2. excitedly

3. medicine

4. receive

5. noticeably

High Frequency/Topic Words

  1. privilege
  2. available
  3. apparent

5. privilege

6. available

7. apparent

8. yacht

6. privilege

7. available

8. apparent

9. yacht

10. marvellous

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