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We had a teddy bears picnic!

This week we had a teddy bears picnic in the nursery.  Daddy bear left us a letter telling us that he wanted to have a picnic but didn't know how to make sandwiches.  The children helped us to learn the steps that are needed to make a sandwich.  They then made their own sandwiches ready for the picnic.  This week we have also read The Little Red Hen and talked about how bread is made.  Next week Mrs Fennell is going to bring in her bread maker from home.
Daddy Bear sent the children a letter.
Spreading butter on the bread!
Making a ham sandwich.
Cheese, ham and jam on this one.
Our bears came to school.
Cuddly teddies!
Lots of fun!
The children enjoyed eating their sanwiches!
Delicious sandwiches!
We threw our teddies in the air!!

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