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Working together to reach our targets!

In Year 1, each child will have two targets each per half term depending on their progress. These targets are for Reading or Writing and also Maths. The targets are an area of both subjects which the child needs to work on with an adult, parent and indepenedently. Targets are very simple skills which are easily practiced by the children. As the children get closer to reaching their target their target star is moved up our hands display as we 'reach for the stars'.

  • There will independent and focused opportunities to work on their targets.
  • The targets will also be sent home in Learning Logs for you to work with your child at home.
  • Each target is explained to the child and the child is encouraged to remember their target.


All children have now been given a WRITING target with letters they are learning to write and form correctly, and a MATHS target with numbers they are learning to write and order to. Ask your child theirs.


Our Targets

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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