Our Estyn report is now online. We have attached the link under Key information, Estyn Report for your information.*NON UNIFORM DAY FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER * Tempest Photography Family photographs Thursday 20th October* Individual photographs Friday 21st October*


We have been busy in the classroom, enjoying our ‘Superheroes’ topic.

Many of the children have been taking messages by telephone for superheroes so they know who is in need of help.  We have made these messages into a big book.

The investigation table has been popular and children have been discovering how magnets repel from each other.  The children have also found our how they can use the magnets to make other magnets move.

At the creative table there has been lots of drawing - and talk - about superheroes.  The collaborative art work has really got the children interacting and discussing their favourite characters and their powers.

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