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Superhero Day

On Thursday 16th January as part of our 'Superhero' topic, Year 2 came to school dressed as a hero. This could be a superhero that we already know, one that they had designed themselves or a real life hero. Take a look at the photographs of what they came dressed up as!
Amber is Sherah!
Mia is Batgirl!
Hallie's hero is Miss McCloskey!
Millie is dressed as Nurse Higham!
Owen is Red Power Ranger!
Ruby is dressed as Brave Ruby!
Evan is dressed as Captain America!
Oliver is dressed as Clark Kent AKA Superman!
Amelie is Vet Bonner!
Hussain is dressed as Wolverine!
Kai is dressed as The Dark Knight Batman
Callum is dressed as Batman!
Jack is Officer Harvey!
Tyler is dressed as Iron Man!
Aimee is dressed as Super Kitty!
 Oliver is dressed as Iron Man!
Enid is dressed as Pattern Girl!
Lily is Vet Jones!
This is Olivia as Glitter Girl!
Lauren is Supergirl for the day!
Amy is dressed as Vet Roberts
Hannah is dressed as Lava Girl!
This is Vin as Superman
Austin is dressed as Bug
Neirin is dressed as Batman!
Leia is Supergirl!
Mattie is Tom from Beast Quest!
This is Megan dressed as Super Fairy!
This is Ellie-May as Supergirl!
This is Vet Brogan!

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