School closes 15th July.

Summer Term 1- Water

Summer Term 1
Topic- WATER


We will be learning about...
  • Why we need water: what we use it for.
  • How we get water: where water comes from, sources of water (sea, river, stream, ponds, lakes)
  • What water can do: experimenting with water- what effect it has on changing things, how water changes when froze/melted.

If you have any fun, water related games, toys, pictures or resources please send them in with labels.

Are you saving water?
Reception are very worried about the amount of water being wasted in our world! We have decided to make posters to remind children and adults in our school to turn the taps of after they have used them. We are going to show these to Mr Maclennan who will judge them and choose his favourite two to be photocopied and display around our school!! Take a look at some of our entries and make sure you are saving water at home.

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