*School closes for half term Friday 27th May* School opens Monday 6th June*

Spring Term 2- Community Explorers

Community Explorers

This topic has a geography focus and teaches children and the geographical and human features of our community. We will be learning about...
  • Instructions
  • Directional language
  • Maps- making a large whole class map
  • People who help us


So far.... we have been learning about and identifying natural and human features in our local area. We have been writing about our home and began talking and learning about where we live and different places in our community. We have been doing this through small world (town/garage), sand (building site), water (pond) and ICT through games. The children have been drawing features of their enviroment through observation.

We are also learning about-
Odd and even numbers (please use the number grid attatchment to help at home).
Continuing with Speed Sounds 3 (see attatchment on Reading and Writing Page)
Vertical addition and subtraction with ty and hundred numbers.
Capacity and measurments- ml, litre etc.
Non-fiction books
Author of the term- Anthony Browne

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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