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Spring Term 2- Community Explorers (March/April)

Community Explorers: Spring Term 2

This project has a geography focus and teaches children about their local community. Children will be writing a range of instructions and directions using maps and first hand experience. They will develop their positional and directional vocabulary. Children will be creating a large scale 3D map of our local area. During this topic we will be.....


  • Using and making maps.
  • Learning about the geographical and human features of our community. 
  • Understand the importance of the people who help us in our community.
  • Learn to follow instructions and directions.
  • How to write and order instructions.
  • Discover and learn about a famous explorer or local figure of community.

So far... We have written facts about where we live and stories about our homes. We have been on a walk around our school ground finding features in our community and understanding if they are human or natural features. We have been talking about transport and practicing our cutting skills. We have a Garage role play area where we have been fixing cars. In the writing area we have been making lists of towns we have visited and this week we have been writing letters including an address to Mr Maclennan. The children have done observational drawings of features outdoors making sure they include lots of detail for other children to guess what feature it is!

We are currently making a large 3D map of our local area. The children chose the most important features for us to include which were:


  • the beach
  • the zoo
  • A55
  • roads
  • houses
  • the big church at the bottom of the hill
  • the school
  • the woods
Children are making it as a whole class and all taking part in making this great and very realistic map! I cant wait to see the finished product! We will put it outdoors to display for you next week!

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