Spring term 2 Celebrations

This term our topic is 

We will be learning about  3 different celebrations :


The first 2 week of term will be all about birthdays. We will be asking your child to collect things related to Birthdays for example;
Old birthday cards

Wrapping paper
Photographs of their own birthday celebrations
Books, CD's, DVD.s
We will also be having a party in class   (More information to follow!), please ensure that we are aware of any allergies that your child may have.
We shall be making Birthday cards, invitations, hats etc in class so please look out for a selection of photographs to follow!!

W/C 5th March; HOLI 

Our topic for the next 2 weeks is the Hindu festival Holi.This is a very colourful celebration and we shall be doing lots of art work using different techniques such as splatter painting and using powder paints and glitter to create different textures on our pictures.  



We shall TRY NOT to get too messy but we cannot promise anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Useful pages to look at with your child ;

Lets Celebrate! Preparing for Holi

Lets Celebrate! Holi Dance

We have made some lovely Rangoli Patterns using coloured pencils and rice.
Using Duplo and wooden blocks we made our own Shrines to use in our Small world area. We worked in groups as a team and helped each other.

On Wednesday Shruthi from year 3 came down to show us her traditional Indian dress. She had a dress, shoes and bangles all from India. The children were able to ask her questions about Holi and about her traditional clothing. We showed Shruthi our Rangoli patterns and she told us about how she uses Ink to draw patterns. She also told us about her Temple and how she has to take her shoes off before she goes in.



For Easter we have been doing lots of things related to Spring, growing and the way we celebrate Easter in our homes.
We have been on a treasure hunt around the school and found Easter eggs hiding in year 2 garden using a map!!!!!!! 


This week we have been in the kitchen with Mrs.Mercer making Easter baskets using cornflakes, chocolate and chocolate eggs for decoration.....yum yum!!

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