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Spring Term 2- Celebrations!!

Spring Term 2

Topic: Celebrations
During Spring Term 2 our topic will be Celebrations! We will be learning about three celebrations inparticular- the Hindu festival of colour which is 'Holi', Birthdays and the Christian celebration of 'Easter'. This term we will be developing the childrens respect and understanding of other cultures. We will be learning about people from other cultures, and developing our understanding of our own culture in Wales.
Please use the links below to find out more about the
Hindu festival of Holi.


Week 1 and 2- Birthdays!
For week 1 and 2 we learnt about birthdays!
Week 2- Also incorporating Saint
Davids Day celebrations

Week 3 & 4- Hindu festival of Holi.
(please view links for more information)
To develop the childrens knowledge, understanding and respect for other cultures we will be learning about aspects of Hinduism and inparticular focusing on the fun, bright and colour festival of Holi! We have also begun talking about SPRING.


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