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Spring Term 1- Pop Up

Spring Term 1

Year 1 Ball- Wednesday 10th February 2016 - Don't forget your Princess, Prince or Knight Costumes for this special day.



Pop Up- Fairy tales and castles

This term we will be learning all about different fairy tales, story telling and learning facts about castles and features of castles.
We will be listening to and retelling lots of fairy tales especially Peter Pan which the children voted for. Children will be learning story telling vocabulary and retelling the story of Peter Pan, as well as creating their own class fairy tale story in our story week later in the term.  For the ball we will be using our creative skills and making pop up invitations which we will plan and reflect upon.

We will also be participating in celebrations such as Santes Dwynwen Day, Valentines and the Chinese New Year.

End of term- to celebrate the end of our topic we will be planning and holding a Year 1 Ball. All children are invited to dress up as princesses/princes/knights to attend our magical ball. Dates to follow.

Don't forget hats, gloves, warm coats and scarfs for this very cold term!!!!

Picture 2 Writing Area- Speed Sound Practice!
Picture 3 Sand Castles
Picture 4 Role Play
Picture 5 PE: Mirror partners.
Picture 6 PE: Mirror partners.
Picture 7 Pop Up
Picture 8 PE: Partner teaching.
Picture 9 PE- using balls and aiming into a pot.
Picture 10 Pop Up
Picture 11 Materials-sorting best materials to build a castle
Picture 12 Story telling and sequencing pictures/words.
Picture 13 Celebrating different cultures- Chinese New Year
Picture 14 Pop Up
Picture 15 Pop Up
Picture 16 Story Writing- independent; Writing area
Picture 17 Warm Challenge- Castle
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 CD: evaluating our pop invitations
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24 CD: Ballroom partner dancing
Picture 25 NF/MD- writing numbers to 100: fill in the missing
Picture 26 NF/MD- practising numbers to 100 in order.
Picture 27 NF/MD: counting in 2s

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