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Spring Term 1- POP UP


This topic has a creative and literacy and story writing focus. It teaches children how to make cards using very simple mechanisms and materials. Children will learn to write, sequence and re-tell traditional fairy tales. Children will mainly focus on the story of Cinderlla. We will learning about castles and palaces. At the end of the topic there will be a Year 1 Ball where all children will dress up as princesses and princes/knights. 
We will also be learning about Winter and the change in this season through The Gruffalos Child and Stick Man which are books by our Author of the term Julia Donaldson.

So far this term.. Week 3
Wow, what a busy and successful term already. Children have come back from their holidays ready to work hard and have settled straight back into school! We have been talking about winter and recapping the months of the year and sequencing them. We have started working on our fairytale topic by reading the Cinderella story and acting it out in the role play area. This week the children have written some AMAZING stories retelling the Cinderella story. I was so impressed by their efforts and story telling skills. Well done! We have also been doing lots in maths and the children have been doing multiplication and division- I am so impressed with how quickly the children have learnt these new concepts and skills. Other things we are doing in maths are-

  • Days of the week
  • The written names of numbers
  • 3D shapes
  • Directions
  • Sequencing numbers to 100
Picture 1 Busy Bees
Picture 2 Busy Bees
Picture 3 Busy Bees
Picture 4 Busy Bees
Picture 5 Busy Bees
Picture 6 Literacy- Capital Letter Game
Picture 7 Busy Bees
Picture 8 Creative & Physical
Picture 9 Busy Bees
Picture 10 Numeracy and Literacy
Picture 11 Jack & the magic beans
Picture 12 Water and Literacy
Picture 13 Busy Bees
Picture 14 Recognising Capital Letters
Picture 15 Busy Bees
Picture 16 ICT and Literacy
Picture 17 Knowledge and Understanding of the world
Picture 18 The Ball
Picture 19 The Ball
Picture 20 The Ball
Picture 21 The Ball
Picture 22 The Ball
Picture 23 The Ball
Picture 24 The Ball
Picture 25 The Ball
Picture 26 The Ball
Picture 27 The Ball
Picture 28 The Ball
Picture 29 The Ball
Picture 30 The Ball
Picture 31 The Ball
Picture 32 The Ball
Picture 33 The Ball
Picture 34 The Ball
Picture 35 The Ball
Picture 36 The Ball
Picture 37 The Ball
Picture 38 The Ball
Picture 39 The Ball
Picture 40 The Ball
Picture 41 The Ball
Picture 42 The Ball
Picture 43 The Ball
Picture 44 The Ball
Picture 45 The Ball
Picture 46 The Ball
Picture 47 The Ball
Picture 48 The Ball
Picture 49
Picture 50
Picture 51

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