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smiley          Welcome to RLJ         smiley


Teaching Staff 17/18

Teacher - Mrs L Jones

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J Mercer

Teaching Assistant - Miss M Davies

One To One T.A- Mrs J Davies



Handy Tips

  • Book bags will be changed every Wednesday.  Your child will have a green sound book, or a reading book, plus a Library book of their choice.  Please note Library day is only a Wednesday for our class to change.




P.E Days - Monday and Friday

Your child needs to come dressed to school wearing joggers and trainers on these days.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Dinner money - Please put any dinner money in a named envelope, payments can also be made by your child's SCOPAY account. Please ring the office for details.


Fruit money- is £19 for the year, or if you prefer please pay 50p every week, which can be paid every half term


*Please send your child to school with a Water Bottle EVERY DAY


Reminder- P I R A T E   P A R T Y surprise



 2.45PM Our charity sale will start. please arrive at our reception gate!

* Cake sale *Raffle *Magnet pirate pictures *Seeded pots 


                                    WE WILL LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL!!!!








Reception Topics


When I fall asleep

Glow and Glitter

Muck Mess Mixture

Dragon Tales

Pitter Patter Puddle Play


RWI Speed Sounds Set 1

Read Write Inc Speed Sounds: Set 1 This video is aimed to help you understand what each of the sounds in Set 1 sound like.

Phonics tutoring with Ruth Miskin - how to teach blending to children.

Ruth Miskin demonstrates how to teach children phonics through assisted word blending. You can find out more about Ruth's approach at and Find Read Write Inc. resources on Oxford Owl: Oxford Primary website: Follow Oxford Primary on social media: Twitter: Pinterest:

When I fall asleep sad

This project has a knowledge and understanding of the world focus and enables us to explore 'after dark'. Children will be able to find out about nocturnal animals and their surroundings. 

Express familiar routines and chat about their own day to day  night time routines e.g Bath time story time and bed time.




Designing the Pj's we wore to school
My Pyjamas
Drawing on our bodies
Pyjama drawings of ourselves

Starry Starry Night By Van Gogh 

Our paintings are based on the story we have read in class. We have re created the 'starry starry night' through using the dabbing method with  splashes of blues and yellows.

Creating a 'Starry Starry Night' painting
Using colours Yellow Blue and Orange
Blue Night sky by patting and dabbing the brush
Adding strips of color to our paintings
Sorting Nocturnal and Non Nocturnal Animals
Its Autumn time and Halloween is very soon!!
We scooped out the pumpkin
Lots of help scooping the inside out
Heres what was inside!!!
Designing our own baby owl
Owl babies
Materials- Feathers, Shiny paper and Brown felt

mailGlow And Glitter mail

During this topic we will be exploring ways in which we can produce a glow, and what objects can be used within dark spaces. Children will find out what materials produce a shine a glow a reflection and twinkle.

Building on initial starting points during the Engage stage your observations will enable you to develop the project flexibly taking account of your children's ideas and interests.

Take part in activities in and out of the class using aspects of glitter, by mark marking, drawing, painting and chalking.  




Here is our Rhyme we used to form numbers 0-10. Your more than welcome to used the rhyme at home with your child as extra practise.

Introducing 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.


**We have been learning our sounds. We practise our sounds everyday and we are even starting to blend our sounds to create words**



Reading all sounds Independently
Blending sounds
Reading sounds independently
Working as a small group
CVC words
Building three letter words
CVC words using pegs to build
Then we wrote down the words we had made
Practising our sounds outside using chalk"m m m"
"around the apple and down the leaf"
"a a a a a a a a a a a a a"
Practising with a learning partner
Sorting objects into correct pockets
Wowwww some amazing writing
Wowww amazing writing
Wowww amazing writing
Starting to blend sounds :)
Amazing blending with a learning partner
Word Bingo
Using whiteboards
Can you find the sounds within the box
Starting to blend 3 letter words independently

On a Wednesday we work in our handwriting books.. Each week we practise a different sound in our green book using the RWI rhyme formation.

"d d d d d d d d d d d d"

Pwy Wyt Ti?

Swapping face masks
Asking the question - Pwy wyt ti?
Answering  in cymraeg
Cymraeg efo learning partners
Number Song

Maths Makes Sense!!!!!


MMS working with a learning partner
First time Maths Makes Sense


Recognising numbers

Recognising numbers 0 1 2 3
Bingo with numbers 0 1 2 3
Placing a unifix to the correct number


Drawing and Measuring a partners foot
How many blocks have I used
Helping a partner
How tall is the dinosaur?
Using blocks to measure height
How tall is the T-rex??
Tallest to Smallest
Mrs Jones was the tallest person

Creating Snow Globes


Repeating Patterns/Shape Sorting


This week we have been focusing on Repeating patterns using 2 or 3 colours within class.

Children have been sorting shapes in to their correct groups such as squares triangles rectangles and circles.


Using pencil colours
Coloured block pattern
Building a repeating pattern
Pattern made outside
Square circle rectangle triangle
Sorting in to correct groups

Rainbow fish


We made volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, fairy liquid and paint!

Making the volcano from sand.
Adding the eruption cup in the centre!
Adding ingredients!
Pour it all in!
Making a giant volcano!
Look at our Rainbow Fish paintings.. We have made a lovely display in class full of different rainbow fish, using colourful paint and shiny scales.


Experiencing different types of instruments

* Making loud and quiet noises with our instruments*

Matching and Counting

Giving the post box the correct amount of pennies needed.


Outdoor P.E with C/W L/K no

Christmas has arrived in RLJ 


Just look at our lovely tree the children decorated, and our little nativity set the children love to role play the story of Christmas.

..Measuring candy canes using cubes..

Letters to Santa heart

Our Visitor this week


We had a lovely visit from PC Vicky this week. We were able to try on her police clothing and try out her police props.

PC Vicky told us all about her role as a police lady, and what her job involves. We had an opportunity to ask and answer questions.

smileyFun in the Snowsmiley

This morning we saw lots of snow. We wrapped up warm and went for a little walk outside. We made footprints around the school yard.


Christmas Cards

First we had to paint under our feet white
Printing our feet on to blue card
Washing our feet clean
More printing
Drawing on our reindeers
Finshed card :)
Ordering pegs numbers 10-20
Finding the first number
Wow 10-20
Super ordering 1-10
1 2 3
Lovely independent ordering
4 3 2 1

Here we are having a go at sorting out pegs numbered 1-20. 

Designing our class post box

**Looking very Christmassy**

Yesterday we wore our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed our Christmas dinner.

Counting using pennies

Super sounds to blend the word
Lovely blending
Fantastic red words used
Wow amazing labelling
Super drawing..

smileyChristmas Party smiley


Christmas Activities

As Christmas is in our topic this half term, we have enjoyed making lots of things for our classroom or home. The children have been busy making long paper chains to decorate the tree, and even designed their own Fur cones. The children have loved the last two weeks being able to learn more about Christmas. Having our own Christmas grotto in the practical area, as enabled them to dress up as Christmas characters and role play the nativity. We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas Holiday!!!

Making lava lamps in science!!

Wilma Wizard and the children made the lava lamp.
They used oil, water, colouring and Alka Seltzer.
It was so exciting to watch the mixture bubble!!

Investigating Ice

It has been so cold over the last few days, over night the children have noticed the water in our trays outside have frozen with Ice. 

In small groups the children went out to investigate with Miss Davies.

There was lots of discussion and lots of investigation. 

We placed colored ink into the Ice using our new science tool kit, and we watched the Ice turn to red blue green and orange.

The children learnt how the water had got into the tray and how it was made into Ice.

We talked about all the ways we could turn the Ice back into water. Here are some ideas the children gave, "The Sun" "A hairdryer" "Add more warm water" "Smash it all up".

We talked about the texture and shape of the Ice, children identified the Ice as a pizza shape.

The children referred to the Ice as "freezing" and "Its hard".

Frozen Ice
We added different colors to the ice
"Its so cold"
"Its like a pizza shape"
Using a spade to smash the ice



Identifying  speed sounds: Here we are recapping all the sounds we know so far,working with our learning partner using the laminate sound card and pointer. 

This week we have started speed sounds 2, our new sound is:



Each week we will be sending home a new speed sound in your child's green book, please could you help them practice this sound to encourage the blending.

Reading all sounds 1
Speed sounds 1
Whole class practising sounds
White board formation - ay sound
Reading with a parnter
Play day way lay may

Learning the ee sound with class!!!

Forming ee
Beginning to write words with ee
Identifying ee and forming ee


Its our first session back after the Christmas holidays and during PE this week the children have been learning about different ways we can move. Children were given an opportunity to use all the hall space to become a Fox and to travel the way a fox does using all fours.

Children used different parts of their bodies to become trees and bridges. They worked with a partner and the children found ways to make bridges for foxes to travel through and around.

We've had lots of discussion of other shapes we could make with our body.

Room On The Broom

This Half term we have been reading Room On The Room by Julia Donaldson.

We have enjoyed drawing our favourite part of the story. We have all had a go at writing .


Crawling is a form of travelling
Moving like a Fox
Making a tree shape
A bridge for a fox to move beneath
Straight shapes with our bodies
Straight shape
Ways we can be straight
Holding a Straight Shape
Tall trees
Girls being Foxes and boys being trees
Working with a partner


We are starting to learn about the country France. This week we found out what the children already know about France and recorded it in our class floor book, we also used coloured tissue paper to  decorate a French flag each. 



1p 2p 5p 10p coins

We have introduced 1p 2p 5p 10p coins. We have played lots of games involving money and have had a shop within the reception practical area giving the children an opportunity to become a shop keeper and letting there friends choose what they would like to buy. We have begun to use matching games involving coins and we have even begun to add with money. Well done children!!!!


Making our own Cheesy Pasta

As part of our topic the children came up with the idea of making cheesy pasta with a tomato sauce. We started off having a look at all the ingredients we needed, we used the nursery hob to boil the pasta and then we all ate a bowl full. 

Searching for different shapes

Its so slippey
Writing our names in the snow
Using a finger to write names
We made footprints
What happens if we throw it high
Trying to catch falling snow
Our outdoor area
Snowy Selfie
We loved the snow

Eisteddfod Flags

The children looked at the welsh flags and listened to stories about dragons. They then painted their own welsh dragon. 

Subtraction- We have started to learn about subtraction and have been 'taking away' using unifix counters and army men figures.



We have a new castle in the role play area. Take a look at our fantastic castle picture.

B O D E L W Y D D E N   C A S T L E   T R I P

  • Pitter Patter Puddle Play - Is our Spring topic:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff!!!!




This week we have read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff as a whole class. 

With a learning partner the children had a chance to discuss the story and talk about what happened, who they saw from the start to the end.

Their task was to retell the story by drawing a picture map, including creative writing or any labelling.

They did this working in 2's with their learning partner.

Using their own imagination to draw the characters and fantastic story writing, each piece of work was unique and different. smiley


Starting to count in 2's - 2 4 6 8 10     2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 +


Using coloured unifix the children were making blocks of 2 to help them count upwards learning the 2 times table. As they were working practically they were also recording it in their maths work book.


As part of our topic we are learning about water and we have learnt about a well known artist called Monet who is from France. The children have been busy making their own art design of monets work. They built their own bridge using tape, and then used a dabbing motion to create the flowers and gardens in the background.

Today has been a lovely day outside, we decided to go outside on the big yard to practise our sounds using chalk. We had lots of sounds stations on the big yard and the children had to rotate.

Using chalk to practise their letter formation.

The Lifecycle Of A Frog...


                       Learning about growing and a lifecycle!


                Our topic book for the lifecycle of a  frog is:

                              "The Teeny Weeny Tadpole"


We will be following the tadpoles journey over the next few weeks to see how much they have grown and what they have become. 


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