Reading and Writing

This page is full of information, help and activities for helping your child to read and write...


  • Look for words everywhere- in the shop, car or in books. Help your child to sound out easy words in different places.
  • Encourage your child to help you read stories. Ask your child to sound out and blend simple three letter words in their story book, such as, mat, dog or cat.
  • Have letters and letter games available for your child to spell and make simple words- magnetic letters on the fridge or foam letters in the bath.
  • Writing outside- an exciting way to get children writing is to have chalks or a paint brush and pot of water outdoors for children to write on patios and walls.
  • Make sure your child has access to writing paper or a writing book which they can write letters and words in at any time.
  • Ask your child to tell you what word you’re sounding out throughout the day; at tea time, bath time, on the way to school. E.g. “can you tell me what word d….o….g is?”
  • Play games which include words and letters- make a simple pairs game with letters or words, a letter or word bingo game.
  • Blending Game- place four letters on the table (three of which will make a word, e.g. r d g o – dog). Ask your child to choose from the letters which letter will make the word dog. Continue this game often until your child can make their own words.
  • Have fun together! Make reading and spelling time enjoyable for you both. Do short sessions frequently through the day and continually praise your child even if they make mistakes.
  • Read with your child every night. Practise is the most important part of helping your child to read. Read your child’s reading book every single night. This will make them more confident and they will quickly see the progress they are making as they find reading easier and more enjoyable.

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