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Read Write Inc- Ditties

Read Write Inc- Ditty Help

Your child may be bringing a ditty home this week. If so, here are some tips and guidance to help you help your child. Every child is at a different stage and will all begin to bring ditties home at different times.

Speed Sounds- at the top of each ditty will be a list of some speed sounds. Please read each of sounds correctly with your child, pointing to each sound and asking them to tell you what it is.

Green Words-there is then a list of a few words. These are words which are easily spelt out and blended simply, for example: m- a - t spells mat. Please spell out each sound and then blend the word.

Red Words- there will then be a list of red words. These are words which cannot be blended and must simply be read out aloud and learnt.

The Ditty- This is where your child will read. There will be a few sentences; children must blend and read each word. Discuss what you are reading as you go through- ask questions to check your child is understanding what they are reading.

Question- at the bottom is a question. This is to encourage discussion about the story and to check your child has understood what has been read.

Hold a sentence- after the question there is a 'hold a sentence'. Children should write this sentence without looking. Help them blend each individual word and encourage spaces between words.

The ditty should be completed repeatedly throughout the week. Children need as much practice as possible and this is a key activity to helping your child read and write.

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