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Read Write Inc

We have been revising and learning our sounds. 
Remember to keep practising the sounds in your child's sound book.

Speed sounds set 2:
ay -may I play
ee -what can you see?
igh -fly high
ow -blow the snow
oo -poo at the zoo
oo -look at the book
ar -start the car
or -shut the door
air -that's not fair
ir -whirl and twirl
ou -shout it out
oy -a toy for a boy

Speed sounds set 1:
m, a, s, d, t,
i, ,n, p, g, o,
c, k, u, b, f
e, h, l, sh, r,
j, v, y, w, th,
z, ch, qu, x, ng and nk

Remember sounds books, handwriting books, reading records, reading books and library books to be returned every Wednesday! 

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