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Potato Planting

Today has seen us take the next step in the potato growing competition. 

Today it was time to plant the seed potatoes.  We were so lucky that sun was shining as we filled the two provided black bags with compost and then planted the “Rocket” and “Rudolph” varieties of potatoes that we had been sent.


We filled a special container that has both glass and removable sides with compost too.   We planted one of the “Rocket” potatoes in this container.  As the potatoes in the compost in the bag grow beneath the earth, we will be able to view the the potato growing in the classroom container, observing what is happening underneath the soil as well as above.

After discussing what our potatoes will need, we placed them in a sunny spot in the year one garden and will monitor them daily to see if they need watering.


Fingers crossed for a winning crop!!


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