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Welcome to our Web page

We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and taking a peek at what we have been doing in class....

There are three adults in our class...Mrs Kelman (the class teacher) and Mrs Fennell and Mrs Crossley (the teaching assisstants). 

Our topic this half term is...

Teeny Tiny Things!!

In this topic we will be learning to observe small details using magnifying glassed and will be discussing insects and learning their names in Welsh.  We will be involved in lots of creative collage and painting work and will be exploring different techniques (such as pointillism). We will also be planting sunflower seeds and discussing the needs of seeds and plants at this times of year.

Picture 1 Team building using the parachute
Picture 2 Treating pets at our class vet surgery
Picture 3 Writing words (Cat/'cath')
Picture 4 Red Nose Day
Picture 5 Working in the computer suite
Picture 6 Learning to cut around shapes
Picture 7 Developing coordination and large motor skills
Picture 8 Learning to copy and imitate rhythms
Picture 9 A quiet moment...
Picture 10 Practising sending and receiving skills
Picture 11 Physical play outdoors
Picture 12 Learning to use benches safely
Picture 13 Stained glass easter eggs
Picture 14 Sid the cat comes to visit!
Picture 15 Visiting cats
Picture 16 Egg rolling

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