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Nursery Plus

Welcome to the Nursery Plus web page

Croeso I Nursery Plus


Nursery Plus staff are: Mrs Baron  smiley

                                         Ms Harper smiley

Children attending Ysgol Pen-Y-Bryn nursery classes can attend Nursery Plus from 8am-3:15pm at a cost of £20 per day, payable in advance at the start of each week/month/term. In partnership with Springfield nursery your child can now stay until 6pm at a cost of £35.99 per day.

Breakfast is provided from 8am-8:30am. children have a snack during their session and both groups meet for lunch. Children can bring their own packed lunch or purchase a school dinner at a cost of £2.50..

Our new topic this last term is Muck, mess and mixtures. 


Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 19th June- Sports day (both groups will be in school for the morning session, Nursery Plus will be available for both groups in the afternoon, but please book.)

Wednesday 26th June- Induction evening

Thursday 4th July - Transition day (children go to their new class for the day)

Friday 5th July- Non-uniform day (bring a bottle)

Saturday 6th July- Summer fair

Friday 19th July- school closes for Summer

we have been looking in the mess for.....
..numbers, then we write the number in the mess...
...with our "busy finger"
we use magnets to fish for the numbers
playing throw and catch
fun in the sand
we mixed in some coloured sand
we have real grass in class for the....
...animals and dinosaurs to play on
getting messy with cooked spaghetti
the flower seeds we planted are growing well
we like our recycled milk carton plant pots
our potato plants are growing very tall
fun in the army den
we have recycled plastic milk cartons into shapes
we decided to make some more play-dough...
... so we measured out all the ingredients
we did some mixing
we added lanvender to make it smell nice
we rolled it....
we squashed it and sqweezed it
Our topic this term is "Teeny tiny things" we will be exploring bugs. 
we have been very busy making....
...junk model bugs
we have been cutting,.....
....sticking with glue and selloptape
we are very proud of our creations
we have been playing.....
...table top games, this is the ladybird game
we did lot's of counting and matching
fun outside playing with the....
.....musical instruments
fun mixing in the mud kitchen
making pictures outside with.....
....natural materials
playing in the water outside
quiet time reading books
writing numbers.....
...then sticking on the right amount of ladybirds
free painting
we love making bugs in the dark room
we have been planting potatoes
we put our gardening gloves on
we have been playing.....
.....the incy, wincy spider game
counting up the spout
we have loved looking at our caterpillars in class
here are some of them going into their cocoon
it was great to see them turn into....
.....beautiful butterflies
the children gave them some flowers and fruit
we loved watching them
we set them free in the garden
they were very friendly
matching the amount of bugs
fun doing jigsaws
fun counting
look how our bulbs have grown
our daffodils have grown
our new herb garden looks good
more daffodils, spring has arrived
On pancake day we looked at a pancake recipe...
...then got ready to make some pancakes, yum, yum
we measured the right amount of flour....
then we cracked an egg into the mix...
we measured the right amount of milk...
...then we gave it a good mix
Mrs Baron cooked the pancakes
we even flipped the pancakes
we tasted them with jam, golden syrup and butter
we really liked them
yum, yum!!!
we had fun flipping the pancakes

Our topic this January is Scrumptious.

We will be exploring different food, yum, yum.

painting the door
we turned the home corner into Siop teisen...
cake shop
we love making cakes
we measured out lot's of ingredients.... make play-dough
we added chocolate powder to make it smell yummy
we made cakes and sweets with it
making chocolates with play-dough
fun outside in the mud kitchen.....
.....cegin mwd
we went for a walk and found a rainbow/enfys
"can you find me?"
playing dominoes with gingerbread men
fun in the sand with the sieve
we have a citrus fruit station where we explore...
...oranges, lemons and limes
we love the smell
we sqweezed the juice out of them
we looked at the flesh, skin, pips and juice
we made some lovely orange juice to drink
looking at the map to see where they grow
the bulbs we planted are growing
fun outside on the yard
it's Chinese new year, dragons are a sign of luck
complete the wavy line on the dragon
rubbing Chinese writing that say's .......
kung hei fat choi/happy new year
ICT fill in the correct number
making chinese dragons
we coloured a dragon, we did some folding...
...and made dancing dragons

Our topic this November term is Family and Christmas.

we have been decorating ...........
........our Christmas tree/Coeden Nadolig
making towers with cars, good balancing
we have a snowman workshop/Geithdy dyn eira
we love making snowmen out of play-dough
don't they look great
children's ideas on how to turn the home corner...
...into Santas house/grotto
sewing Christmas pictures

Dates for your diary:

Friday 22nd February- School closes for half term

Monday 4th March - School opens

Friday 12th April- School closes for Easter

Monday 29th April- School opens


For Children in need we danced with Pudsey
matching the colour and size teddies
colouring Pudsey bear masks
we put our masks on sticks
we love our masks
we put icing on our Pudsey bear biscuits
we put sweets on for his spots
yum, yum
ICT matching pudsey game
writing the order in the cafe
checking the recipe for pumpkin soup
cooking the soup
serving the food
throwing and catching with a bean bag
Colour mixing
Fun outside on the bikes and scooters
We have been watching fireworks
we dipped tea bags in the paint....
then we held the tea bags up...
...then let them go
to make a firework in the sky
we added lots of ....
.....sparkly glitter
ICT on the white board making...
playing with the musical instruments
we did some lovely singing
cutting out Autumn shapes
it was very tricky
sticking with glue
We have been looking at conkers.......
...and their shells. We counted them
fun with the cars
counting leaves....
.matching the amount of leaves to the right number
what a lot of counting
making dinner in the home corner
we have an Autumn box in class.....
we felt inside the slimey pumpkin
we looked at the colours
"a giant pine cone"
we have been looking at runner beans
they were hard to open
the beans inside were different colours
we counted them
fun in the water
ICT drawing on the white board.....
....using our "busy finger"
fun on ride on equipment
outside with the cars
digging in the mud
lining up to go into class
 making our faces with natural material
"look I made a square"
making shapes
fun painting tyres
can you find me?
mixing colours
free painting
colouring Autumn pictures
making shapes in the sand
colouring Autumn leaves
Finger painting to make our peg pictures
Eating our breakfast
fun playing in the water
fun playing in the sand
we love dressing up in Nursery Plus
dressing up and making dinner
yum, yum school dinner
yummy, yummy sandwiches
lunch time
we loved painting our hands
 washing our hands well with soap after painting
free painting
building towers with stones
building with the duplo
playing with the fire station toys
outside on the bikes and scooters
fun on the big yard
we found the different colours on the yard
more fun on the bikes and scooter
playing with the play-dough
Glueing and sticking
looking in the mirror....... see what we look like
my lips
my eyes
then we painted our faces
counting the people
fun knocking the people over
sorting the people in colour groups
free painting
making faces in the play-dough
mark making outside with chalks and paint
watering the plants
we really do love dressing up
we love building with the duplo
building towers
fun in the sand outside
playing with the magnets
look how big I am
looking in the mirror
drawing on our faces
threading with beads
Amser snac, we love our snack, fruit and toast yum
busy doing the seasons jigsaw
what a good job

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