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Dosbarth Meithrin

Class timetable:

Monday -visit the school library. 

Bookbags needed.

Tuesday -outdoor PE. 

Come to school wearing PE clothing.

Wednesday -Welly Wednesday. 

Come to school wearing outdoor clothing.

Thursday -indoor PE. 

Come to school wearing PE clothing.

Friday -visit the computer lab.

Staff in the nursery:

Mrs Edwards class teacher

Mrs Mercer teaching assistant

Mrs Warrell support worker PM

Mrs Davies support worker covering Friday PM

Miss Davies teacher covering Tuesday PPA

Summer term


Our theme this term is 'Muck, mess and mixtures'.  This project has a creative development focus and engages children in messy and sensory play.  We will be observing and taking part in mixing, measuring and exploring different materials.  We will be getting a little messy!

Whit term


Our topic this term is based on the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk'.  This will have a mathematical and language focus.  We will be measuring and counting.  We will also be retelling the story using Pie Corbett technique.


Easter term

This half term our theme is 'teeny tiny things'.

We will be looking at 'teeny tiny things' we can find inside and outside.

We are also looking forward to Easter.


Spring term

This half term our theme is 'scrumptious'.

We will be looking at food closely.

We will be using food creatively!

Christmas term

This half term our theme is 'family'.

We will be working with the book 'Stick man'.

We are also looking forward to Christmas!


Autumn term

The theme this half term is 'Me'.

We will be painting a self-portrait and looking at similarities and differences.  

We will be exploring the environment around us.



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