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North Wales Police Dog Visit

On Thursday 27th June 2013 we were lucky enough to have a visit from PC Graham and PC Lloyd who brought some police dogs to school. PC Graham has had the dogs for about 3 years and talked about each of them and what they do. First he brought out Bees who is his sniffer dog. She was allowed to come into the classroom and we got to stroke her. She is used to search for firearms, drugs and money. Then he brought Flynn onto the playground and we got to hear him bark. He's the dog that PC Graham uses to chase people who have done something bad and also do some good things too. Flynn was the dog who found a 4 year old boy who was lost after walking away from the caravan that his family were staying in. He was found by Flynn a mile and a half away from where he set off. What amazing dogs! Take a look at our photos of the visit!

Thank you very much PC Graham and PC Lloyd! We really enjoyed meeting you and the dogs!

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