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Newspaper Reports

In school, we write a piece of News every week. This is to help us practice writing in this style, including all of the features of this genre of non-fiction text. 


Why not write a piece of News as an extra task? 


Either write about what you have been getting up to or have a look for some positive News stories from around the world. An amazing result of the current situation is how people are pulling together to support each other, have a look for examples of this. 


Success Criteria 

  • Include a heading - extra challenge, can you include a pun?
  • An introductory paragraph - quickly give the key points
  • Report on what has happened - use paragraphs to expand on the news story, making sure you include the 5Ws
  • Include a quote
  • Add an image and a caption
  • Write in the third person
  • VCOP - wow words, varied sentence structures, varied openers, correct punctuation 


Please email your teacher with your News reports.

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