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Nearly there....................................

We are nearly at half term now, just a couple of days to go, are you doing anything exciting?
Why not take the opportunity to re cap on all the sounds we have been learning this term, check out your child's sound book for details.

Numbers 1 - 10 (and beyond!) have been learnt in class, please take any opportunity to count with your child.......practise makes perfect!!!!

We will be sending PE kits home on Friday, please check your child's kit is still clearly labelled and that PE pumps still fit!!

Water bottles will be sent home too, please return back on your child's first day to school.
Check bookbags for sound and log books, your child may have work to do over the holidays!!


Halloween and bonfire night are  fastly approaching, be safe and have fun!!!


Have a great holiday, see you Monday 31st October

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