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Welcome to NAM!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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Welcome to Nursery am class 2015-16

This is our nursery web page.  We will use it to show you all of the fantastic things that we will be doing in class.  We will update it regularly!!

Meet the staff!!

Mrs Williams:  Class teacher
Mrs Crossley and Mrs Fennell:  Teaching assistants.
Our topic this half term is Paws, claws and whiskers.  We will be finding out about domestic cats and wild cats.  We will have a vets role play area in class.  This half term we will celebrate St Davids Day, Mothers Day and Easter.  We will end the term with a cats dressing up day.
The children will be learning the sounds c, k, u, b and f.  They are making great progress.  Please keep working hard at home too.  We are going to have a number focus this half term and will be working hard on recognising numbers to 10 and beyond.
Please see the class newsletter at the bottom of the page for more information.

Many thanks to those of you that have already paid fruit money.  The cost is £2.50 this half term.  Please could it come to school as soon as possible in a named envelope.

Dates for your diary:
End of term:  Thursday 24th March.

Congratulations to all the children on a brilliant Eisteddfodd.  They all really enjoyed it and had lots of fun.  See the article below for all the results and photographs!!



Grwp Oren: Singing competition winners!!!

Important:  Please could we respectfully ask that parents do not come into the nursery cloakroom.  The children are learning to become independent and we are always on hand to help them if it is required.  Please could we also ask that no toys come into school.  Many thanks for your help and cooperation in this matter.

This week we will be revising sounds and finding out what we all know.

School opens again on Tuesday 12th April.  We hope that you all have a fantastic Easter!!



Happy Easter!!!



Picture 1 Having fun in the outdoor area.
Picture 2 Learning to pedal the bikes.
Picture 3 Fflic a Fflac, our Welsh puppets!!
Picture 4 Using the percussion instruments.
Picture 5 Using the i pads to develop counting skills.
Picture 6 Developing listening skills and a love of stories.
Picture 7 Filling and pouring.
Picture 8 Leaf collage and printing.
Picture 9 Developing pencil control.
Picture 10 We have been making animal homes.
Picture 11 Each day we are learning to write our names.
Picture 12 Discovering food, using our senses.
Picture 13 Creating a new role play area.
Picture 14 aaa "around the apple and down the leaf."
Picture 15 Having a go at forming aaa.
Picture 16 Rolling a ball with a partner.
Picture 17 Pa liw? selecting the correct colour.
Picture 18 Making owl sculptures using clay.
Picture 19 nnn "Down Nobby, over his net."
Picture 20 Teddy bears picnic!
Picture 21 We had a visit from Morrisons.
Picture 22 The pancakes were yummy!!
Picture 23 We tasted delicious pancakes!
Picture 24 Chinese New Year- Using chopsticks!!
Picture 25 Tasting Chinese food!!
Picture 26 The noodles were delicious!!!
Picture 27 We are getting really good at name writing!
Picture 28 Vets at work!!
Picture 29 Making a diagnosis!
Picture 30 Checking the x rays!
Picture 31 Happy St Davids Day!!
Picture 32 Spring walks!!
Picture 33
Picture 34

Read Write Inc phoneme pronunciation guide.

How to correctly pronounce the sounds that we are learning.

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