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Maths this half term

In addition to our daily counting activities both in English and Welsh and ongoing maths activities in all areas of our classroom, we are focusing the purposes and uses of money this half term. Our role play area is now a cafe - Caffi Lan Y Mor. The children are being encouraged to use money in a 'real life' situation. We are also trying to identify the number on the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

We are starting to learn how to form numbers. We are doing this by singing songs (to the tune of 'Lou Lou Skip to My Lou!).


The number 1 .........."Go straight down and that is all
                              Go straight down and that is all 
                              Go straight down and that is all
                              To make the number 1"

The number 2............"Swing it round and then go right (x3)
                               To make the number 2".

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