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All about 'ty'- when teaching children about 'ty' numbers we say 10 as "one ty", 20 as "two ty" and so on. Then when we come to adding two 'ty' numbers the children can simple use their fingers to add up these larger numbers. For example,

20 + 40 = 60
"two ty and four ty equals six ty"
two fingers and four fingers.. count them all together- six ty

The 'ty' is the ZERO and always remind your child to write the zero!

2D and 3D Shapes

Always remember- 

A 2D shape is FLAT you cannot hold it.
You can hold a 3D shape in your hands!

 x x All about times!  x x

We have been doing multiplication sums using cups. At home, you can use any objects such as cars, dolls or pebbles. All objects must begin on a 'resources table' read to be moved over to the 'maths table'!

Sum- 2 x 3 =
We are going to move TWO cups and we are going to do it THREE times.
Each time you move two objects onto the maths count it- *move two cups* thats once, *move two more* thats twice, *move two more* thats three times!
"Look at the maths table and count" (all the objects). " 6 "!!

Symbols and what we say!

- get ready to take away
+ get ready to get some more
= look at the maths table and count
x I love what your doing, do it lots of times

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