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Maths Apps


The children should be accessing Maths activities on Seesaw, Google Classroom and Abacus games as these are the skills that the children need to cover. However if your child needs extra practice with a particular skill you can use the recommended apps below.



Designed by teachers for families, Komodo builds a solid foundation in maths for children aged 5 to 11. 





Rocket Math app helps children to learn math facts.




DoodleMaths is a maths programme that supports maths learning in homes and schools. 




IXL Math app is an immersive learning experience that provides comprehensive, curriculum-aligned maths and English content for ages 4-18.

             NatWest MoneySense

Making Sense of Money Resources



Click on the stars below to access some Money Resources.


Maths Learning Packs


Maths Learning packs are available below - please scroll to the stars at the bottom of the page. These home learning packs can be used weekly. The resources can be printed to use or can be shown to children on a screen. They are in line with the Curriculum for Wales and are split into Year groups. Just click on the relevant key stage below to get started. If you would like some more packs please contact the school office and Miss Mustari will add some more!


Maths Resources
Here are some resources to help you complete maths tasks at home, reminding you of some maths vocabulary and skills. Click on the relevant key stage below and download the resources you need.


Foundation Phase




Just below are links to useful Maths websites and online resources.

Currently you can register for free.  Online video tutorials and tasks to assist Maths skills.

Topmarks is an interactive website that provides you with lots of fun maths games. You can search for a maths skill, such as adding, and select the appropriate age group.




BBC Bitesize will be providing daily lessons. This is due to start on Monday 20 April. Take a look!



Super Movers is created by the BBC. It is a fun way of practising maths skills through singing and dancing. There is a section for KS1 and KS2. Visit the site here.


IXL is a useful website for children of all ages. It is split into year groups and again into different maths skills. There are lots of online interactive maths questions for the children to practise skills. Click here to visit the site.



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