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Maria and Sue from Morrisons came to visit.

Today we had a visit from some staff from Morrisons.  They had a selection of food for the children to try as part of the "Scrumptious" topic. They talked about how certain foods were made and where they come from. The children tried figs, grapes, cheddar cheese, Stilton cheese, bread and chocolate cake.  They were also given a doughnut to take home. Yum, yum.
Picture 1 Maria had lots of food to look at.
Picture 2 This turnip wasn't as big as the enormous turnip!!
Picture 3 We passed around the butternut squash
Picture 4 Describing the celeriac!
Picture 5 None of the children had seen Dragon fruit before.
Picture 6 Trying figs!!
Picture 7 Lots of different food!!
Picture 8 Trying blue cheese!!!
Picture 9 Delicious bread!
Picture 10 Yum, yum.
Picture 11 Everyone liked the bread!

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