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Learning Log Task

22nd February
Can you learn the words to our Eisteddfod song 'Cinio Tomi bach.'

1st February
Can you ask your child to show you how to complete an ideas funnel based on the question, 'What makes a good fairytale/traditional tale?'  What are the top three points?

25th January
This week we have been working on comic strips and have created our own. We have used speech and thought bubbles to tell a story. We have also used sentences to briefly set the scene and end the story. Could your child create a comic strip to retell an event/activity that happened over the weekend and use the comic strip techniques we have learnt.
18th January
This week we have been talking about superheroes and designing our own. Can you think about somebody who is a real hero to you. It can be a famous person or somebody you know. Can you draw a picture and explain what makes this person a 'hero'.

11th January
This week we have been looking at setting targets for language and maths. Can you speak to your child and ask them to tell you what their target is and write it in the space below. This will enable us to see if the children have remembered their targets.

21st December
Next term our topic is called 'Story Explorers'. We will be looking at a selection of traditional tales, fairy stories and superhero stories. Could your child bring in something linked to the topic and draw and write about what they have brought in and why. This could be a book, comic, puppet etc. The objects will be put in the class topic box for the half term.

14th DDecember
During this half term our topic has been 'Celebrations'. We have learnt about weddings, Christenings, birthdays, Christingle and Christmas in various countries. Your task for this week is to either find out about another celebration that you know about from your own life experiences or one in which you are particularly interested in.

23rd November
This week in maths we have at been learning how to solve number problems by looking firstly at the 'maths story', then converting this to a 'real story' and then developing this to a 'Big Story' (embellished story). Please could you convert the maths calculations below into real stories and then big/embellished stories. An example has been done for you.

Maths story - 3+2=5

Real story - 3 bananas + 2 bananas = 5 bananas

Big/embellished story - I went to the shop on Saturday and I bought 3 bananas. I ate them all and decided to go back to the shop on Sunday and bought another 2 bananas. How many bananas did I buy altogether? 5 bananas.

Maths story -

16th November
As part of our topic 'Celebrations' we have been thinking about birthdays. Your task this week is to think about a birthday party that you have been to and write down some adjectives in each of the boxes below which correspond to the senses e.g. what did you smell at the party - food, sandwiches.

Week 7 - 9th November
Draw a picture of yourself dressed up as what you want to be when you are older(the job). Can you also bring in an outfit on Monday for you to dress up as this occupation. In your learning log write a short explanation of why you would like to be this person.

Week 6 - 19th October
This week we have been looking at using words to describe a character in a story. We looked at descriptions for what they look like, what they do and what they are like inside! (eg: brown hair, helps people, considerate.) Could you pick a character from a story you know and draw a picture of the character in the box below. Around the box could you write as many descriptions as you can.

Week 5 - 12th October
This week we have been learning how to write instructions. We have been using ordering words like 'first, then, after that and finally' and words for commands like 'add, put, get' etc.
Could your child write instructions for brushing their teeth, thinking about the different steps they need to take. Draw a picture to explain each one.

Week 4 - 5th October
During the last few weeks we have started the Maths Makes Sense scheme and have been using cups to help us with addition and subtraction calculations. Get your child to choose a set of small objects (stones, marbles, blocks, cubes to act as cups) that they can place on the resources table (in their learning log). Get the children to answer their maths questions showing you how we would do it the maths makes sense way! They can then make up harder calculations of their own.

Week 3 - 28th September
This week we have been talking about how we keep ourselves healthy. Can you do a diary for the weekend and focus on all the things that you did that helped you to be healthy? (eg. Any healthy foods you eat, any walks or exercise you do, brushing your teeth, having a bath, things have made you feel happy.) You can include keywords/sentences/pictures.

Week 2 - 21st September
Please can you complete a graffiti board all about yourselves.

Week 1 - 14th September
Decorate you front cover.

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