Our Estyn report is now online. We have attached the link under Key information, Estyn Report for your information.*NON UNIFORM DAY FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER * Tempest Photography Family photographs Thursday 20th October* Individual photographs Friday 21st October*

Learning Log

Week 4 - 5th October
During the last few weeks we have started the Maths Makes Sense scheme and have been using cups to help us with addition and subtraction calculations. Get your child to choose a set of small objects (stones, marbles, blocks, cubes to act as cups) that they can place on the resources/maths table (see learning log). Get the children to answer the maths calculations in their log, showing you how we would do it the maths make sense way! They can then make up harder calculations of their own, if they would like to!

Week 3 - 28th September

This week we have been talking about how we keep ourselves healthy. Can you do a diary for the weekend and focus on all the things that you did that helped you to be healthy.? (eg. Any healthy foods you eat, any walks or exercise you do, brushing teeth, having a bath, things that have made you feel happy.) You can include keywords/sentences/pictures.

Week 2 - 21st September 2012

Complete a graffiti board all about yourself (family, friends, what you like, where you live etc)

Week 1 - 8th September

The children are to decorate their Learning Log.

Nurturing Healthy EthicalCreative Ambitious Learners

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