Language, Literacy and Communication

Language, Literacy and Communication

 (Reading, Writing, Phonics and Languages)


Literacy Resources
Here are some resources to help you complete literacy tasks at home, reminding you of some literacy vocabulary and skills. Click on the relevant key stage below and download the resources you need.

Foundation Phase Literacy Resources 
KS2 Literacy Resources 



Read Write Inc Speed Sounds                              

Via the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc YouTube channel.  Specific times for each set of sounds. Available for 24hrs.


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds 1 

"Join Ruth to practise Set 1 Speed Sounds! Perfect for children in Nursery, Reception or those new to English."


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds 2 

"Join Rosie to practise Set 2 Speed Sounds; perfect for children in Reception who are confident reading Set 1 Speed Sounds and for children in Year 1 and 2."


Read Write Inc Speed Sounds 3

"Join Rosie to practise Set 3 Speed Sounds; perfect for children in Year 1 and 2 who are confident reading Set 2 Speed Sounds."



Ideas for Writing

Picture a Day 

This website uploads a different picture every day that can be used as a stimulus for some extraordinary descriptive writing or might even spark an idea for a whole story! If you choose to use this page and create some marvellous writing you can upload it to your class' Google Classroom or Seesaw for everyone to read.                                  


The Literacy Shed

The Literacy Shed has a whole host of different videos and images that can be used to inspire creative writing or even art work. If you create something, remember to share this on Google Classroom or Seesaw so everyone can enjoy your work.



Welsh Phrases

To keep you going with your wonderful Welsh skills while you are at home, we have created some resources for you to practise phrases. Click on the relevant key stage below.


Foundation Phase



As well as the Welsh Phrases detailed above, please head over to our Criw Cymraeg part of the website. Criw Cymraeg have done an amazing job this year adding apps that you can use to enhance your learning, games that you can play and short clips that you can watch and learn from. All of these can be used to practise your Welsh skills. You will also find some of the sentence patterns that we use within the classroom that you can practise at home. 


Welsh Language Apps


Welsh Stories

Click on the link below to listen to some Welsh stories.

Amser Stori - Story Time


Primary Language Network

Below are some links to Primary Languages Network, a Virtual Learning Environment.


If you click on one it will take you to a Key Stage specific page. This page is then divided by stage. All learners can begin by accessing Stage 1 materials and progress through them at their leisure. Each stage is also split into different topics. If you click on an activity for a specific topic it will take you to a page of QR codes. Each QR code can be scanned using a phone or tablet and this will take you to an activity.


Years 3 and 6 have been trialing some of these materials in class but all can access these resources if you would like. 



French and Spanish



Foundation Phase French

Please see document at the end of this page.



Foundation Phase Spanish

Please see document at the end of this page.



French KS2

Please see document at the end of this page.



Spanish KS2

Please see document at the end of this page.



Spanish Club

Year 1 had lots of fun at Spanish Club. Here are some of the resources we used for you to try at home.

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