Kindness Activities

Paper Chain of Compliments


This is lovely idea to show someone at home that you really care and appreciate what they do for you. Pick 6 things that you think are wonderful about them - maybe they help you do your school work or they always make you smile by... Once you have done that make a paper chain (just like the ones you make at Christmas time) and write one compliment on each link. You could then decorate the paper chain with drawings and colour each link in. Finally give the paper chain of compliments to whoever you have made it for. I'm sure it will really make them smile :)





Raising Money for Welsh Mountain Zoo

There are so many ways to show kindness and thinking about other people is a superb way to do so. Amelia in Year 5 has taken the time this week to think about Welsh Mountain Zoo. Amelia decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for the zoo during this time. Whilst we can’t visit the zoo at the moment, they still have lots of animals that live there and they need feeding and looking after. Amelia is helping the zoo keep their animals happy and healthy with her bake sale and has raised over £450. Da iawn ti!smiley

Thank you!!!


I would like to say a huge thank you to the key workers children that were in school with me on Friday 17th April.  We talked about Care Homes and how the residents might be feeling in these strange times.

As a group we decided that it would be nice to draw pictures of things that made us happy and send these to a local Care Home.  We settled on Wynne Crest Nursing Home in Old Colwyn as it is near to my house.

I delivered the drawings today along with a letter explaining why we had done the work and thanking the Care Home staff for the amazing work that they are doing.  The Care Home were delighted and were keen to share the drawings and the letter with the residents and the staff.

Thank you Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn for your continued acts of kindness in the community. They really do make a difference!


Mrs Williams Reception CW xxxx






Kindness Activities


Neighbourhood Window Walk


We're Going on a Rainbow Hunt!

Children all across the UK are creating rainbows and sticking them in their windows to share a "Stay Home, Stay Safe" message, and to make the classmates who live in their area happy on their daily walk or exercise. How many rainbows can they find stuck in their classmates windows? Could you make a rainbow to stick in your window? And then when you go for a walk, see how many you can spot!


There is a downloadable version made by the Welsh Police below, or create your own colourful rainbow poster! Share them with your teachers on Seesaw or Google Classroom too when you're done - we would love to see them!


Kindness in the Community ideas






Power of Kindness Calendar

Below is a link for the British Red Cross Power of Kindness calendar. A blank calendar is provided on the website for children to record their daily acts of kindness. There is also a fantastic booklet for children to plan 5 kind acts they will complete this month and draw or write what kindness means to them.





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