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High Frequency Word Logs

This is your child's personal record for spellings. There are 200 high frequency words which all children should know how to read and spell.

Each child will have an individual spelling test on Monday or Tuesady. They will also be required to read the word in order for them to move on. Sometimes we will give words back which they are still spelling incorrectly in class to re-enforce the spelling.

The 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' is a tool which your child may find useful to aid in the learning of the words. To use, your child should

  • LOOK - look at the word, read the word and then sound out each letter.
  • COVER - cover up the word.
  • WRITE - write the word from memory.
  • CHECK - uncover the word and check what you have written, making sure you are aware of any errors.


This should be done 4 times. On the fourth time, some children like to write with their eyes closed as it can help to visualise the word.

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