Help your child at home :-)

Help your child at home..

Here are a few things which you can help your child with at home. I have been assessing childrens letter and number formation and I found that these are the most common numbers/letter that most children have problems with. I have included tips and resources to help your child practice and develop correct formation. Its so important that children form correctly and are encouraged to do so all the time.

The most common numbers that need practice are:
3 7 8 9

The most common letters that need practice are:
b d a g k
  • Use the Read Write Inc rhymes on the flash cards to remind your child of the correct way to form each letter.
  • Use the Maths Makes Sense songs taught in Reception to remind children how write numbers correctly.
  • Always use a pencil when learning.
  • Encourage correct formation at all times.
  • Make sure your child always forms letters and numbers facing the right way.
  • Having a whiteboard and whiteboard pen thats easily wipeable is great for revising formation!
  • Encourage your child to write and draw all the time.


If you need any more help please come and see me

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