School closes 15th July.

Handwriting practise : red books

Handwriting practise homework
The little red book is to help your child practise their handwriting. 
There will be one letter each week to concentrate on. 
Please only allow your child to use one page to practise the letter on (both sides). 
Your child will need to concentrate on their pencil grip and direction of the letter for correct formation.
This book needs to be returned to school (with the reading record book, reading book and library book) every Wednesday. 
A new letter will be given to your child to practise at home.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

We have practised the letter:  c  (curl around the caterpillar)  


Our new letter is:  o  (all around the orange)



Our new letter is: a  (around the apple and down for the leaf)


Our new letter is: d  (around the dinosaurs bottom, up it's tall neck and down to it's toes)



Our new letter is: g  (around the girls face down her hair and give it a curl)



Our new letter is: q  (around the queen's head down her hair and give it a flick)


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